Japanese course

This JLPT-N4-focused Japanese course is designed to prepare you to aim the exam.

This course will cover grammar,reading,listening,kanji and vocabulary.
Why don’t you learnJLPT N4 at a reasonable price.


Private lessons
Provider : zoom
Pricing : ¥2.400 one lesson (15 lessons)

              TTL ¥36.000

              plus textbook fees(¥2850~¥4170)

Languages : Japanese and English

Course length : 15 lessons(70-90min)

【Eligible person】

Those who passed JLPT N5 or have an equivalent knowledge of N5 understand about 200 kanji.


【About us】

Chiikide kodomoohagukumukai is a non-profit organization for child care in Kawasaki.